Following our request in August for interested organisations’ views and evidence in response to a call for evidence by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) on post-Brexit EEA immigration policy, we are pleased to invite you to meet with representatives of the MAC in our London and Birmingham offices.

In light of the recent leaked Home Office document indicating plans to restrict the rights of EEA nationals during an initial implementation period followed by stringent new rules thereafter, this is a vital opportunity to put forward your organisation’s concerns about post-Brexit EEA immigration policy. The purpose of the meetings will be for you to gain a better understanding of the MAC’s remit and the type of evidence that will be of particular relevance in preparing its report to the government. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions of both the MAC and the lawyers in our Business Immigration team.

We hope that the meetings will assist you in formulating your views and evidence, whether you submit these to the MAC directly or via our Business Immigration team, which is preparing a formal written response on behalf of interested clients and contacts (no contribution is too small and all will be gratefully received!).

If you have any Brexit immigration-related questions in the meantime, whether relating to EEA nationals already in the UK or future immigration policy, please do not hesitate to contact Annabel Mace.

Registration is now open for both our Birmingham event and our London event.