The UK’s retail sector is one amongst many that will be significantly affected by the country’s withdrawal from the EU following a transition period.  Yesterday we are launched the first edition of the Quarterly UK Retail Brexit Trade Review. The Review contains economic, policy and legal analysis on the impact of changed trading terms and narrative on the progress of UK and EU trade negotiations specific to the retail industry.  The research in this first Review outlines three possible trading models for the UK’s long-term, future relationship with the EU; each model has different implications for the cost of sourcing imports, both from the EU and beyond. Analysis is provided across eight key sectors within the retail industry, including an outline of a range of opportunities the UK government should pursue in the event of a “no deal” scenario.  Research suggests that £7.8 billion could be added to the cost of retail goods if the UK fails to agree a deal with the EU.

The Quarterly UK Retail Brexit Trade Review was produced in partnership with Retail Economics and includes contributions from Matthew Lewis, Robert MacLean and Annabel Mace.