Brexit Clock

The government has said it will publish an immigration white paper in the coming weeks. This should provide details of the specific immigration policies that it intends to introduce. We are hoping that businesses will be given a formal opportunity to comment on these policies and raise concerns. Given that the proposals are likely to have a significant effect on future EEA migration to the UK, our Business Immigration team will be supporting clients and contacts to understand and respond to the white paper.

With this in mind, we are asking businesses that are concerned about future UK immigration policy to register their interest now so that we can send further guidance on the relevant proposals in the white paper and how to respond to it once it is published. In the meantime, given that the government may allow only a brief window for businesses to respond to the white paper, we have listed the key points that any concerned business should be considering now with a view to including these as part of any meaningful representations (whether it chooses to submit these through us or independently).

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