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Brexit – What Just Happened?

The UK Parliament met on Saturday for the fourth time in the past century, on 19th October, to vote on the revised Withdrawal Agreement negotiated by the Prime Minister and his EU counterparts. The date mattered, because under the Benn Act the Prime Minister would have to seek an extension to the 31st October Brexit … Continue Reading

So, What Happens Now? – An Update

Please note that this is an update to our blog post ‘Brexit – So What Happens Now?’, published on 8 October. The UK Parliament was prorogued (i.e. suspended) again on Tuesday 8th October, but this time inside a week as is usual before a Queen’s Speech on 14th October which set out the Government’s agenda for the … Continue Reading

Brexit – So What Happens Now?

The UK Parliament will be prorogued (i.e. suspended) again on Tuesday 8th October, but this time inside a week as is usual before a Queen’s Speech on 14th October setting out the Government’s agenda for the coming year.  It all however has a slight air of unreality about it, as most observers think that there … Continue Reading

Let Them Eat Cake (If We Coordinate) – Will UK Government Waive Competition Rules in Response to Food/Drink Shortages?

The possibility of a no-deal Brexit, and therefore the potential for food and drink supplies to be disrupted, has led to calls for the government to provide “cast-iron guarantees” that businesses in the food supply chain will be permitted to work together to discuss and tackle shortages, in order to decide where to prioritise shipments, … Continue Reading

Brexit Update – “A Week Is a Long Time in Politics”

“A week is a long time in politics” – Harold Wilson, British Prime Minister, in 1964 The first week of Parliamentary scrutiny for Boris Johnson’s Government has certainly lived up to Harold Wilson’s famous aphorism.  MPs returned from their summer break to the news that the Prime Minister intended to close down (“prorogue”) Parliament after … Continue Reading

How Will Plans to End Free Movement Affect Your Current and Future EU Workforce?

The Home Office has recently issued a factsheet indicating that freedom of movement as it currently stands will end on 31 October 2019 and that arrangements for people coming to the UK for longer periods for work or study will change. Annabel Mace looks at what this means in practice and how employers should prepare. … Continue Reading

Brexit – Here We Go Again

The new Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson, has taken up office following his decisive (66% : 34%) victory in the contest among Conservative Party members who were presented with a choice between him and the Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt. He promised during the campaign to take the UK out of the EU by … Continue Reading

Brexit Insight From the EU-27: Czech Republic

The Czech government adopted the Act No. 74/2019 Coll., which aims to soften the possible negative consequences of a “no-deal” Brexit. The act is intended to be a temporary measure, and all the instruments within it will last only until the long-term measures are adopted. The act is to be effective from the day the … Continue Reading

An EU Analysis of Brexit

The EU-27 member states have been very carefully observing the UK domestic political manoeuvering and posturing this year. The predominant view in the EU-27 is that a managed “deal” scenario is far more preferable to a potentially chaotic “no-deal”. At the same time, precautions have been taken to prepare for a “no-deal” scenario. The EU-27 … Continue Reading

A Glimpse of the Mood in UK Politics

The mood in the Conservative Party is bleak. Many of the political challenges with Brexit can be traced back to the 2017 election. Prime Minister Theresa May lost her majority and was only able to retain power by making a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) from Northern Ireland. The arithmetic in Parliament is … Continue Reading

Brexit: What Are the Options for the UK Now?

Procedurally, the UK has three options: Ratify the Withdrawal Agreement (with possible accompanying changes to the Political Declaration on the future relationship with the EU) before 22 May, and cancel participation in the European Parliament elections Ratify the Withdrawal Agreement (with possible accompanying changes to the Political Declaration on the future relationship with the EU) … Continue Reading

It’s April, and the UK is still in the EU – This is not an April Fool

Lord, what fools these mortals be – Shakespeare, Midsummer Night’s Dream Last Friday should have been the day the UK left the EU.  Instead the Westminster Parliament, in a rare Friday sitting, rejected the Withdrawal Agreement component of the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal by a substantial majority. What has happened? Parliament has imposed “indicative votes” … Continue Reading

Brexit Date 29 March 2019: Countdown for shipping goods from the UK and to the UK from Asia, Americas and Africa

Brexit is scheduled to become effective at the end of 29 March 2019 and will take place either with a Withdrawal Agreement or without one having been entered into between the UK and the EU-27. At this point in time it is possible that the Article 50 TEU notice is withdrawn by the UK Government. … Continue Reading

Brexit – Where are we now?

Over the period since the rejection of the Withdrawal Agreement, the Prime Minister’s tactic has been to try to bring the pro-Brexit wing of the Conservative Party, and the Northern Ireland Democratic Unionists, back on side.  No.10 appear to have been successful in whittling the pro-Brexit wing’s nominal resistance to the Withdrawal Agreement (which was … Continue Reading