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The UK’s New Points-based Immigration System: Where Are We Now?

The government has issued updated guidance for employers on the UK’s points-based system, which will apply to new applicants from the EU, the EEA and Switzerland (excluding Ireland), as well as those from outside the EU, from January 2021. Unfortunately, the updated guidance does not tell us much more than we already knew from the July 2020 policy statement – employers … Continue Reading

Prepare to Have Your Say on the UK’s Future Immigration System

The government has said it will publish an immigration white paper in the coming weeks. This should provide details of the specific immigration policies that it intends to introduce. We are hoping that businesses will be given a formal opportunity to comment on these policies and raise concerns. Given that the proposals are likely to … Continue Reading

The Prime Minister’s message to EU citizens in the UK – where are we now?

Theresa May has today sent an email to EU citizens with the intention of demonstrating that their rights are her ‘first priority’. It doesn’t tell us much more than we knew from the Brexit negotiations at the end of September. Since the referendum, the UK Government has issued various assurances about EU citizens’ future in the … Continue Reading

Responding to the Migration Advisory Committee’s Call for Evidence – Let Us Help Your Business Have its Say on Post-Brexit Immigration Policy

The Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, has commissioned the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to advise on: “the economic and social impacts of the UK’s exit from the European Union and also on how the UK’s immigration system should be aligned with a modern industrial strategy”. In response, the MAC has published its Call for Evidence in … Continue Reading

Brexit – Where the FX Are We?

UK retail has reportedly “shrugged off” Brexit, with August sales up 6.2% year-on-year. Sales to foreign tourists taking advantage of the weaker pound cannot, however, cancel out the longer-term flipside of costlier imports and rising suppliers’ prices. As our future in Europe remains uncertain even to those in charge of shaping it, retailers are asking … Continue Reading

Webinar: How will Brexit affect the Plastics Industry?

Last week, partners from a number of our practice groups hosted a webinar to members of the British Plastics Federation on how Brexit will affect the Plastics Industry. Paul Anderson, Aline Doussin, Carl Rohsler and Supinder Sian reviewed the impacts on trade, immigration, financial services & contracts and intellectual property. Click here to see the … Continue Reading

Brexit Webinar: What could happen to my IP rights?

On Tuesday 19 July, Squire Patton Boggs’ IP specialists Florian Traub and Carl Rohsler ran a webinar for clients entitled ‘Brexit: What could happen to my IP rights?’.  They discussed how IP protection in the UK might be impacted by Brexit and suggested changes that could be made to IP protection strategies. Please click here to … Continue Reading

Brexit – What You Need to Know About the Legal Consequences for your Enterprise

We recently presented to the Association of Corporate Counsel (‘ACC’), Washington DC about: the timing and procedure of the withdrawal, and the negotiation of the future relationship between the UK and the EU; the consequences for UK and US companies arising from the end of the application of EU Freedoms, Mutual Recognition, Passports and other … Continue Reading

Brexit – What Can You Tell Your EEA Staff About Their Employment Position With You in the UK?

Many of our clients have already been approached by valued but anxious EEA national employees in the UK seeking reassurance and clarity about what the Brexit vote means for them and, in this time of uncertainty, our Business Immigration team share their thoughts about issues that may potentially be facing your EEA national employees in the face … Continue Reading

Brexit – What now for HR?

What does the vote leave mean for your employees and your management? What has changed for HR ? Although no one knows all the details of what happens next, including all the people who said that they did, there is still plenty of reassurance available for many months, potentially years, into the future. Our UK Labor & Employment team set out our first … Continue Reading

Brexit – A View From Asia Pacific

A less publicised aspect of Britain’s potential exit from the European Union is the impact on the Asia Pacific region. Leaving the escalating political and media debate aside, as the 23 June 2016 referendum rapidly approaches we examine the potential implications for Asia Pacific should a “leave” vote succeed. From a regulatory perspective, the potential … Continue Reading

Brexit – A View from Brussels

Uncertainty and Cautiousness As the 23 June date for the British referendum about its future in the European Union (EU) comes closer, the EU political leadership in Brussels remains uncertain how best to support the ‘Bremain’ forces in order to avoid the embarrassing and damaging departure of one of its largest and strongest members. None … Continue Reading