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Implications of the EU-UK Trade Agreement on UK Financial Services

As expected, the market access to the EU for UK financial services firms has changed post-Brexit. The implications of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (“Agreement“) for financial services are more severe than for example trade, and the effects come close to that of a hard Brexit. Andreas Fillmann explores what this means for UK Financial Services looking … Continue Reading

Business Viability and Brexit

The UK will leave the EU single market, Customs Union, and VAT and excise duty area on 31 December. From 1 January 2021, the UK will operate its own external border as a sovereign nation. Is your business ready for the looming deadline of Brexit?  Dealing with Brexit and the ongoing uncertainties about the COVID-19 … Continue Reading

Webinar: How will Brexit affect the Plastics Industry?

Last week, partners from a number of our practice groups hosted a webinar to members of the British Plastics Federation on how Brexit will affect the Plastics Industry. Paul Anderson, Aline Doussin, Carl Rohsler and Supinder Sian reviewed the impacts on trade, immigration, financial services & contracts and intellectual property. Click here to see the … Continue Reading

Brexit – What You Need to Know About the Legal Consequences for your Enterprise

We recently presented to the Association of Corporate Counsel (‘ACC’), Washington DC about: the timing and procedure of the withdrawal, and the negotiation of the future relationship between the UK and the EU; the consequences for UK and US companies arising from the end of the application of EU Freedoms, Mutual Recognition, Passports and other … Continue Reading

Brexit – A View From Asia Pacific

A less publicised aspect of Britain’s potential exit from the European Union is the impact on the Asia Pacific region. Leaving the escalating political and media debate aside, as the 23 June 2016 referendum rapidly approaches we examine the potential implications for Asia Pacific should a “leave” vote succeed. From a regulatory perspective, the potential … Continue Reading

Brexit: An overview of the general legal and policy principles which would apply

Analysing the legal consequences of a potential Brexit and possible alternatives for the future relationship of the UK with the EU requires taking into account of the specific aspects of each relevant industry and sector. The general principles which are the starting point of each sector and industry specific analysis are the following: Membership of … Continue Reading