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No exit post-Brexit from property funds: what pension funds need to know about ‘gates’

In the wake of the Brexit vote, several asset managers have closed their UK property funds to redemptions – commonly known as imposing a ‘gate’. In a post featured on our Compensation & Benefits Blog, lawyers from our Pensions team highlight why pension funds and other investors should pay careful attention to the gating provisions in fund … Continue Reading

Brexit – what action should trustees and investment committees be taking?

Whilst it is too early to tell what the full implications of the Brexit vote will be, we have had a number of enquiries from clients asking what their duties are in relation to their investment strategy.  Our pensions team have therefore set out some general guidelines for action now and in the short to … Continue Reading

In or out: a dog’s Brexit for UK pensions?

What would be the effect of a Brexit on the UK pensions sector? The short answer is nobody really knows. Nobody can know, in fact, until the two-year exit negotiations have been concluded and, even then, one suspects that the nitty gritty detail will take years to work out thereafter. To see an article posted … Continue Reading